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MP3 Album: Comfort My People

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Offering comfort and hope

Inspired by the beautiful Advent and Christmas scripture imagery, this album speaks to the hearts of all who wonder where God is in the face of their struggle, and offers to them an intimate experience of God's warmth and comforting presence.

This collection also has several hymns and mantras that would be suitable during Lent.

Comfort My People CD is especially valuable to those who minister to the sick, the suffering or disheartened.

Music samples of the first 6 tracks are listed below.  Other tracks available are, Gather Your People, Joyful Messenger, Unto Us, Mary's Lullaby, This Holy Christmas Night and bonus tracks, Lord Have Mercy, Lamb Of God and May the Lord Bless You.


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Comfort My People
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Comfort My People
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from Catholic Ireland

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Comfort My People

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In Quiet And Trust

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Tear The Heavens Asunder

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Let Your Heart Take Comfort

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Nothing Is Impossible

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Bring Us Home

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Gather Your People

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Joyful Messenger

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Unto Us

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Marys Lullaby

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This Holy Christmas Night

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Lord Have Mercy

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Lamb Of God

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May The Lord Bless You - Farewell

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May The Lord Bless You - Refrain

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